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SLY-2 tipping rain gauge (pulse or 232)



    SLY-2 type rain gauge, constructed by the double dump, so it is called "tipping bucket rain gauge", the output pulse switch, or RS232 (optional).

    Working Process SLY -2 type rain gauge that is: the rain water collected from the rear bearing into the upper dump (so similar to large precipitation intensity precipitation intensity), and then enter the dump precipitation measurement metering, metering dump every turning once, measure 0.1 mm precipitation. Followed by the measurement of rain poured count dump dump, dump counting small magnet in turning once, the trigger reed switch, once closed, sending a signal.

   SLY-2 gauge is balanced by a mechanical design principles, so when you want to adjust the horizontal position of the installation according to the level meter on the instrument, pulse output without power, if it is RS232 output requires an external 12V power supply.


    1. Accuracy: Resolution 0.1mm

    2. Strong rain: Rainfall Measuring range: 0.1mm-4mm / min

    3. Error: Disposable rain ≤10mm, the indication error ≤ ± 0.4mm            

                   Disposable rain> is 10mm, Indication error ≤ ± 4%

    4. Working Power: pulse output (no power) RS232 output 0.25W

    5. Operating voltage: Pulse output (no power) RS232 output 12V

    6. Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

    7. Dimensions: 240mm (diameter) × 545mm (H)

    8. drip diameter: 200mm (diameter)

    9. Weight: about 8.2Kg

   10. Output: pulse output, each pulse represents a 0.1mm rainfall       

                      RS232 output, follow the "protocol" Read rainfall data (optional)

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